Summer events a way to showcase our offerings

May 27, 2014

Summer is almost here and despite the fact it isn’t official yet, Easley and Pickens, along with all of the towns in the county will be holding their annual festivals and entertainment opportunities for the community.

Music, art, farmer’s markets, food, sunshine, laughs, and friends to enjoy it all with, who could ask for a better way to spend some time? But, these city-hosted and/or sponsored events present a bigger opportunity than mere entertainment.

Now is the biggest time of year for this community to put its best foot forward to not only any visitors but to local commerce as well. Vendors from locally owned shops and restaurants flock to these events as a way of getting their image, presence, and products out to prospective customers to drive their businesses.

The events themselves are free, the entertainment being provided to draw members of the community into downtowns for the ever changing and increasingly pleasant improvements being propagated for revitalization efforts. There always seems to be something for everyone which does away with most, if not all, excuses as to why not to attend.

Here are a couple of reasons to participate.

For one thing, the newer venues locally have created an atmosphere of a larger stage in a smaller community. The acts which are brought in to entertain the community are top notch and in many cases local products themselves. Pickens County has an untapped arts community which may be one of the best kept secrets in the state.

Secondly, when you head out with the family, or even alone, it becomes hard to resist spending money. That may sound like a bad thing, but in essence it’s actually a blessing. By spending quality time locally those quality dollars, so hard earned, stay close to home and come back to you. Besides, who knows, you may just discover what may have been a hidden gem, an undiscovered local business you had never heard of but wins you and your money over.

A great deal of thought, time, and effort goes into presenting community-oriented opportunities, and not only by organizers. Business owners depend on the chance to meet new people, make new friends, and possibly a customer for life.

Investing in your community is a two-fold venture. One, you must invest some of your time. Two, you must invest some, if not the majority, of your money.

In the end it’s about so much more than just the music.