Time to get behind the school board

April 8, 2014

Some of the Board members do not have the children in Pickens County as their primary interest. Also, Weldon Clark, and the Pickens County Taxpayers Association and Junius Smith, and the Conservatives of the Upstate are more interested in a free ride, of paying little or no taxes to support our schools and our young people than the children’s well being.

I was at the County Council meeting when a representative of the Pickens County Taxpayers Association besieged them to not buy the Industrial Park in Liberty. Look at that wonderful Park now. Look at those good jobs. How wrong could they be?

Also, they cannot let the very successful school building program be. The schools are here. Had the building program not been initiated when it was we would not now be able to get the funds. The interest rate is much higher now and going even higher. It was a great move on the Boards’ part to get the funds when it did. We all know which Board members fought the funding. Extremely short-sighted, as it turns out. Some are still on the board.

Our fathers and grandfathers were not so shortsighted. They were poor farmers, for the most part, but they supported the young people. Because of that, we were able to go to good schools and get a good education.

Now we know what we have. The schools are built. There’s no changing that.

Let’s get behind our board and move forward. There will be an election in due time.

Clarence C. Gibson Jr.