If you lose power …

February 14, 2014

Patience is encouraged for multi-day outages as utility crews work to restore power. Winter weather is still passing, and ice is still on power lines.

Affected South Carolinians should continue to report outages to their utility companies even if they experience more than one outage, which can be a common experience during mass outages.

Citizens are encouraged not to stop on the roadside to talk to crews working to restore power, whether in neighborhoods or on the side of a highway. Utility crews need to focus on getting the power restored and fallen power lines are dangerous work zones.

As homes are without power, it’s important that citizens use natural light and flashlights rather than fires or candles and use generators with extreme caution.

If customers lose power, they are encouraged to call their utilities:

• Blue Ridge Electric Co-Op: 800-240-3400 www.blueridge.coop/

• Duke Energy Carolinas: 800-POWERON (800-769-3766) www.duke-energy.com/south-carolina.asp Duke Energy (Progress): 800-419-6356 www.progress-energy.com/