Man on the Street

Joe Toppe Staff Writer

October 5, 2013

Jude Russo from Cleveland said,

“Although I am not for Obamacare, I think employers should be made to provide healthcare because everyone should have the option.”

William L. Krantz from Easley said,

“It would be nice if employers were made to offer affordable healthcare, but there are bound to be some repercussions that could cause problems.”

Kendall Jenkins from Easley said,

“I feel everyone should be provided affordable healthcare because it is very important and it should be provided equally.”

Jessica little from Easley said,

“I don’t think employers should be made to provide healthcare, it should be their choice.”

Beverly Walker from Easley said,

“I feel the government should have no control over insurance and employers should not be made to offer insurance.”

Joe Toppe

Staff Writer