Hospital affiliate enhances care

Joe Toppe Staff Writer

September 4, 2013

EASLEY – Expectant mothers of the region can rely on specific care at a partner facility of Baptist Easley Hospital.

“Mountainview OB/GYN has been around for a long time delivering quality care for women in the Upstate,” said Chief Medical Officer at Baptist Easley Hospital, George Helmrich. “With the formation of Advanced GYN and the addition of Dr. Georgia Ragonetti to Mountainview, we are now able to give women additional options.”

Helmrich said Baptist Easley’s two practices, Mountainview OB/GYN and Advanced GYN, offers women a choice.

“We have two practices, one that focuses on GYN care and the other that now focuses on the care of the expectant mother,” he said. “Mountainview puts a great emphasis on pregnancy centering which is the new model of care for pregnant women and it will bring Easley into the most modern of eras.”

According to Helmrich, the two facilities stand as a testament to Baptist Easley’s commitment to broaden its services in the community.

“Mountainview is a very important part of the way we are going to deliver care in Easley,” Helmrich said. “The care will now move from inside the walls of the hospital to outside and we realize that care needs to be delivered to the community and closer to your home. Mountainview and Advanced GYN are good examples of this.”

Mountainview OB/GYN will serve as an extension of the hospital’s community outreach and care for women.

“With the creation of Advanced GYN and the expansion of Mountainview OB/GYN, Easley will now have access to some of the most modern healthcare,” Helmrich said. “The City of Easley is now at the forefront in care for women.”

Services provided by Mountainview includes, well-care services, routine annual female exams, annual pap smears and breast examinations, contraceptive counseling, osteoporosis evaluation and therapy, GYN Services, evaluation and treatment of abnormal pap smears, estrogen and hormone replacement therapy for menopause, GYN ultrasounds and sonohystograms, hysterectomy (abdominal, vaginal and laparoscopic), alternative surgical and medical treatments to hysterectomy, evaluation and treatment of urinary incontinence or other bladder problems, tubal ligation procedures/sterilization, evaluation and treatment of abnormal bleeding or pelvic pain, evaluation and treatment of infertility, other laparoscopic or laser treatment, evaluation and treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, evaluation and treatment of premenstrual syndrome, treatment of depression, OB Services, preconceptual counseling, prenatal care and delivery of normal pregnancies, nonstress Testing, obstetrical ultrasound by certified technologists, care and delivery of high-risk pregnancies, and vaginal delivery and Cesarean Section (at The Birthplace, Baptist Easley Hospital).

Mountainview healthcare providers are Michael Fox, MD, Michelle Tucker, MD, Kristine Pasui, MD, FACOG, Georgia Ragonetti, MD, and Jacquelyn B. Freeman, RN, WHNP.